So honest, man. I feel you. I find myself checking Twitter, Slack, Discord constantly. We are imperfect, and we need to accept that and progress with that in mind.

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So honest. I use to wish people would share more of their failures and struggles. I think the world would feel a little less isolating if we all did. Thank you for your vulnerability.

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I second that, thanks Hrvoje for a great piece of writing; I need some inspiration at the moment and you just gave it to me!

I’m going for a run and then getting back to writing ways this morning. Thank you.

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This was a brilliant piece. I'm so glad @Corey Smith restacked it so I could find you and subscribe!

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I really enjoyed this, Hrvoje.

I get the sense from a lot of your writing that you are on a sincere exploration of what is right for you, and that your not happy to just accept the normal way of doing things — and I really admire that. I also admire that you’re not afraid to share the ups and downs of your exploration.

Below are two parts that I really liked:

“Deciding I wouldn’t write about writing because a more skilled writer said I shouldn’t. I’m sorry, but I think about writing. It’s true” — I’ve struggled with this too, and so, I’m glad you wrote about it!

“I don’t care how many steps I’ve taken in a day or how much I’ve slept or how fast my heart is beating right now or what’s my reading streak or how long I have been sitting. I think I know how I feel and don’t need the app to condescendingly tell it to me.” — I couldn’t agree more! I do not measure any of this stuff.

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Respect. I have stopped writing for a while, after the pass away of my Dad. And today, by some accidents I came by your topic, read carefully each words you wrote.

Of course, to the professional writer, our writings are still mistakes. But don't stop, if writing is your hobby.

Write whatever came to your thought. Sometimes, writing is considered as a healing treatment to your soul.

Write and smile. Sleep well, be safe and sounds

Katherine Ng from Asia

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